Goodbye Europe?

WEBK students take to the streets to prevent this.

Düsseldorf-Bilk. Populists like Donald Trump try to drive a wedge between the European states. The Brexit and the European elections could dramatically change Europe in 2019. For this reason, the 66th European Competition gives a voice to critics and supporters of the EU. 

Together with pupils from Latvia and Poland, the Euro-BWL course of classes GY17A/B of the “Wirtschaftsgymnasium” will take part in this competition focusing on "street art".

In order to approach the topic "street art", we met the Düsseldorf artist Tom 71 (Instagram.com/tom71_duesseldorf) at the end of November. With a lot of background information and personal stories, he brought us closer to the topic on our street art tour through Bilk. We were especially impressed by the large number of different and detailed street art works.

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